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To commission a New painting:

The Process -

When you commission me to create a painting I will ask for a 10% deposit.

After an initial discussion with you, I begin by making series of thumbnail sketches in pencil to establish a suitable composition. A number of my clients are happy to be part of the picture making process. We discuss weather conditions, types of sea, lighting and wind. This is the starting point - from this I will produce a larger pencil sketch to tease out the tonal values. I will then use an enlarged photocopy of this sketch and colorize it with water colour now incorporating the boat or boats to plan the overall colour scheme.

At this stage I will ask the client to provide me with detailed information concerning the deck and hull of the boat(s), the sail plan and colours including spinnakers and also some photos of the crew members. If this is not convenient for the client I can contact the owners or crew members to get this information. However , it must be stressed , the more information I have concerning winches, blocks and various fittings the more true and accurate the final outcome.

At this stage we can introduce the concept of 'Polyimagery' to produce an all round view of the boat. The final sketch can be sent via e-mail to the client for ratification. If satisfied , I will draw out the main boat on tracing paper, adjusting perspective and detail until fully satisfied. Why tracing paper? The old mirror trick I can look at the reverse side to see if the drawing is right!

To start the painting properly I will begin with the sky - the sky sets the mood and establishes the light source. The sea is then under painted. Now the boat(s) is placed in the most satisfactory position, using the tracing paper image to position it - getting the most harmonious relationship. It is then transferred to the canvas and the lines of perspective are checked.

Now the detailing of the boat is tackled with great care using the light to pick out the structures- its vital to understand the effect of light on the surface of boats and sails, as this not only provides the atmosphere of the over all painting but informs the viewer of the subtle nuances of shape and volume present in all boats.

The painting is then placed in such a way that the next few days as I walk past, I "catch" it! This is how an artist notices if anything is wrong. After some days a few initial changes will invariably be made and adjustments painted. The painting is now finished ready for the client.

Final payment is requested and the painting is dispatched to you via courier.

Should you have any questions please feel free to contact me

Phone + 353 1 6671520 or +353 1 6711599
Email BrianByrnes@bigfoot.com



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